Prepping Articles and Info

As in all things it is best to use your own judgement on whether information on the web is valid and useful. Here is a compilation of links posted on Prepper Facebook Feeds. I have looked through them for acceptable content, but I do not endorse any of the info in the links below, I leave the decisions about content to your judgement.
Edible Plants
4 Edible Plants to Grow Indoors

Food Preparation
Making Rum at Home
Shelf Life
Seniors Food Preparedness
Making Microgreens

Orientation without a Compass
How to Make Char Cloth
Preparing for a Disaster
Making Fishing Hooks from Can Tabs
How to make a Survival Bracelet
Last Minute Preps
Constrictor Knot
Edison Batteries Pros and Cons
Blackout Kits and Storm Bags
Prepper Techniques for Disabled and Senior Citizens
Choosing the Right Fuels
Trees Every Survivalist Should Know
Emergency Kits- Know Your Disaster

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